First time on this (or any forum) site. I'm 55 y.o., had SLE diagnosed about 18 years ago--subacute cutaneous type. I've been very fortunate to have it stay there, with flares about once a year that were suppressed with increased prednisone. This year I've developed nephritis and now am facing decisions about treatment. Just had my conference with the nephrologist to review the biopsy results a couple of days ago. He has laid out the options of infused steroid + Cytoxan + fairly high dose oral prednisone (60 mg) between infusions OR the oral Cellcept (sp?) + not-so-high prednisone (30 mg) therapy--both of these for six months. He clearly thinks the the first one is indicated in my case (because of my hematocrit level). So, I'm interested in hearing from others who have had that particular regimen to treat nephritis--or something like it. Any warnings, precautions, what worked, what didn't, inspiring tales will be much appreciated.