Hello All,

Ok I know the sun is really bad and I have had a really bad reaction to it already, but I have a five year old who is dying to go to an amusement park and fishing. Papa can handle the fishing but what do you do when you need to do something outside? I saw and ad for SPF clothes? Do those helpl for the cost they should :lol: I have a friend who is goind with us so I can take breaks. I have to line up helpers to go on all of our outings now so I can rest and he can play with them. I am also an avid gardener and want to be out some but am scared because I had symptoms like a heat stroke or heat exhaustion already this year and feel horrible after being out. I did buy a great big floppy hat that my friends teast me about. They tell me I should be at hat day at the derby...If I have to wear one I wanted to love it. Target has some great ones. Anyway any suggestions would be great. I have a very outdoor center family and am feeling left out.