Ok Sandy....lmao....talk about fog ....only a year later i reply to this lol.Sorry i didnt know you'd posted. Well today had a blood test as i demanded to be tested again for Lupus.Thing is i DONT want it to come back Lupus,but im so not happy with that label of M.E as i feel noone takes it serious and i certainly have other symptoms so i need to know for sure. I go for a CT soon,so waiting for a phone call off doctor to give me the meds to calm me down.I did call the ct place and explained about my claustraphobia,she said yes i have it too and you;ll be ok.Thing is i had one and wasnt ok...just panicked the whole 45 minutes lol.I feel such a wuss...i just have to lie down and have my head in a cage...no problem...it wont kill me....yet im so afraid of them.Im having it cause of the migraines,so had an eye test and they said i had a blind spot.Im not worried.....all my tests come back normal lmao....which yes is good but not when you feel like poo daily...makes you feel like your wasting everyones time.I feel like buying a mic, you know the ones you have at a rally to shout through.Then when i have a doctors appointment i can take it shouting.....I FEEL LIKE POO AGAIN!! Oh how funny but theyd have to listen to me.I know theyre tryoing to help...im just fed up now....but still gonna fight on.
Anyway....Thanks so much for caring to ask me lol.You keep resting.Ive just answered your post and i so ook forward to your sister having her little baby.
Oh also i had a message from Jeanette,Lucky 7.She sends her love to you all.Shes still the same,having problems getting certain tests done...doctors messing her about.Shes not been able to get online due to her arthiritus it hurt s her fingers n elbows.I told her everyone misses her and she send her love to everyone here.She has a little op soon to remove a cyst,so i'll let you know how she gets on when i next hear from her.
Love n gentle hugs everyone

P.s Ive had neighbour problems....OMG....let me win that lotto soon lolx