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    I entered this group 4 to 5 yrs. ago when first diagnosed with lupus. Personally I don't like handing my destiny to one single person ie. doctors. Would rather get many opinions and weigh which ones seem most applicable to my situation. I more or less abandoned the group when my situation seemed under control. What a laugh, is this disease ever really under control? Part of this arrogance stemmed from my I can handle anything attitude, which I think has been effectively whittled down. God does have a way of humbling you. All I can tell you is that we all have lows. What usually happens with me is when I get to where I can't stand myself anymore, I'll be having a pity party, when a little voice sneaks into my head, " I'll be dogged if I give up". I hope that you can find a place to come to where you can find our inner strength. I believe we all have it, just gotta find where it is.

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    hi sugarfoot52,

    welcome back, and nice to meet you....i am glad you had several years with "lupus under control". However, i am so sorry that it has resurfaced and roared its ugly head at you.

    You have a great attitude, and you are right....i give in to it for a while, then i get weary and want to give up, then i get my "attitude" back and start working my way back up.

    thanks for your wise words,

    share a smile today

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