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Thread: Down in the dumps

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    Default Down in the dumps

    Well Thursday I had an appointment up in S.A. at the VA with the hematologist. I left the house at 0300 to drive the 150 miles up. I got about 40 miles from home an my truck started acting up. I had to turn around a go back home. At 0800 I called an canceled the appointment. Now I have another one on the 30th and one on May 4th. The clinic has a van that goes up, now this doesn't make since, on Wednesday and all appointments are on Thursday and Friday. So you are left to find your own way back home. In Montana the vans ran 5 days a week from Billings to Helena. I've complained to VA but it doesn't do any good. I'm still not on any meds as they are taking their time about what to do. I've lived with this since July 08 without any meds so I guess I can keep living with it and forget the VA.

    What has got me down in the dumps is that I need to sale my boat just to get to the doctor. That's the hard part. Go sailing and forget the doctor.

    Sorry for venting.

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    oh grime

    i am so sorry about your truck, your drs. appt., no van service, and no are rightfully "down in the dumps". I so hope that you can discover an alternative other than selling your is such an important part of your life and who you are.

    I wish some of this money that the government is spending could go to help you guys that gave up years of your lives protecting us and our country. If i were president, there would be a van sitting at your front door on April 30.....

    maybe the margarita gals could give you a ride, they could party while you are seeing the dr., and then YOU would have to drive home.....sounds like a hoot of a good time.

    share a smile today

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    Oh David...

    Never a need to ever be sorry for venting. I'm terribly sorry for this situation. You are rightfully down in the dumps over this. This sucks. There must be something that can be worked out so you don't have to sell your boat. That is your joy...your fun, and it's so important to keep those things in our lives. For our happiness and sanity.

    Doesn't the VA have any system where people can share rides...I mean catch a ride with someone else that's driving from your area? I guess that would be too organized and helpful for them. Geeez.....I can't believe they would provide a one way van trip to a doctor useless is that? "I'm sorry, sir but we can only get you to your appointment...good luck finding a way home"....that stinks.

    Is your patient advocate available only when you come to an appointment, or can you call that person and see if they might have some options or suggestions? There must be a way to work this out. Like Phyllis suggested, might you ask one of your group of marina friends if they could help out? I know that's a long distance trip, but maybe one of them might need to go to that area for some reason, and would be willing to do it around your doctor appointment time. I know nobody wants to take handouts, but maybe you could offer to help them in some way...or pay them back for the gas when you're able. I guess I'm just grasping to find something that would help, some way this can be worked out. You're health is so important...I don't want you to have to jeopardize that because of this situation.

    Sorry, I'll stop rambling...but I will keep trying to think of ideas. There's got to be a way to solve this without selling your dream. I hope and pray someone else comes along on the site, that can think of something I haven't, some suggestion to offer you. Hang tight, David. I know others will be along soon to support you.

    Sending you a gentle, caring HUG to let you know I'm sorry....



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    Hi David, sorry you are having a rough time right now. I agree wih Lori, dont sell your boat, you need to keep what pleasures you still have so you can get those pick-me-up moments when you NEED them. You're in my thoughtsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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