Have you ever stopped to think about the things that you have learned here at We Have Lupus? It almost feels like kindergarten all over again! Remember when learning wasnt just new, but it was fun and fascinating? I have learned, or better yet, re-learned so many vital things that somehow thru the years I have just simply forgotten (intentional or unintentional?) 1. I am learning, to the amazement of my children, I can use the computer!! 2. I can still type . . .VERY WELL! 3. People still do really care about other people 4. I should take the advice of my children more seriously and more often. (it was their idea for me to "check" this place out) 5. There are so many people who struggle much worse than I do just to get out of bed everyday. 6. I can still play Mahjong! 7. I dont always have to be positive! It is okay to feel down. 8. My doctor is NOT always right! 9. I am not too old to like frogs! 10. When you feel all hope is lost, there is a place you can go where people help you find it. A place where people not only open their arms, but they open their hearts and somehow you just dont feel alone anymore. I could go on forever about the things that I have learned/re-learned in my short time here. I would love to hear the things that other people have learned, re-learned, or even just remembered!