Okay so quick run down of my case. It started 10 years ago @13 years old...Got Diagnosed a few years later with mild kidney involvement basically just rashes and pain, lots of pain.

Fast forward a few years started getting blinding headaches...like got the drill out to ease the pain headaches. The located brain swelling and lesions was in the hosp for awhile on chemo to help. It did basically still have the headaches at least once a week and numbness but much less.

I have had blood clots from the anticardiolipid antibody a few times.

NOW I have Hashimotos...I had been as close to remission as I get sence I got married in August. Till a few months ago when I just started to feel awful.

So the question is who's got it and how do you feel. I think I hate the meds I'm on 300 of levoxyl to start....seems high to me...but they said my thyroid basically shut off in a matter of weeks so it's a high dose to counter act any more damage. I've read that I shouldn't take this and my blood thinner but the doc didn't seem worried. Not sure I trust him though. I pretty much haven't slept sence I started and I'm not used to that.

I would love some feedback I'm pretty worried. Thank you so much.