Hi everyone,

Hello to all the newcomers too. Oh i had a lovely time away. Just to get outside is good medicine! It was sunny except for the last day, it was lovely. I tried to forget everything! I did cry a couple of times thinking of Daisy, but i suppose it will take time.
One afternoon i was sleeping on the bed. Jack, the dog, came over to wake me.He was sniffing my face a licking.Little did he know at that same time, the lion in my dream was trying to bite my face.Oh how loud did i scream Poor Jack ran away shaking as i frightened him and John jumped so high. It took a few seconds for me to speak a human language and actually wake up from the Lion! So funny, but not.I had to cuddle Jack.
I met up with some FB friends and we had a meal which was lovely. We went shopping a few times....perfume, chocolate n jewelery!
We walked to the nearby pond and fed the ducks. Jack wanted those ducks so bad lol.
I had a few panic attacks,but i dealt with them. It was nice just to forget my life and get away! John made me breakfast in bed every morning, oh so nice too!
I thought of you all often....still saying 'theres no place like home'' thats Lori's fault lol
I feel a little more refueled in the head now. I rested allot whilst away, yet still awake till 3am or 4.So annoying! But i did enjoy myself.
I hope every one of you are ok and im sending you gentle hugs. Ive added some scary photos of me.I realise now i took none of the lovely views lol. Never mind....me with a pint in my hand instead
I bought Jess a plastic rubber chicken.Can you believe in 5 minutes she had eaten 2 feet off.So we threw it away.How sore will her butt be when she passes those
Thanks for the lovely messages and advice and help, its really appreciated. Ive looked at allot of the photos.....fab!!!!
Ive missed you all.
lots of love