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Thread: Update, how my physio went.....

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    Default Update, how my physio went.....

    I was asked by Lori to update peeps on how my physio went lol so here we go.....

    Im a bit of a wimp when it comes to anyone touching my back proffesional or no proffesional, no one goes near my back!
    So she asked me a load of questions like meds im taking my activities i do in a day, apparantly because of the mtx, pred and wafarin im taking she cant really give me much releif because she doesnt want to risk and injury resulting in a bleed...OH OK sure il be fine lol, So She prodded my back and my gawd did tht hurt like hell, she dint have the xrays to tell me what was wrong either (well tht usually helps) and she gave me some exercises to do each day in bed (b4 i get up) followed by a hot bath (which i do anyway) so this morning i was excercising not me but hey ho! and she has got me another session to attend for 2 weeks yesterday, i think i will be having physio for a long time yet! She has also booked me in for a Posture lesson for the end of the month, i did say it all depends on wether the lupus will allow me tht day! And she said at the end of it all she will send me off to pilates....hmmm we will see!
    This morning i feel like ive been in a boxing ring with whoever mr heavy wait is atm, and got no energy either, everyone keeps saying to me it gets worse b4 it gets better!! yeah they wanna try weighing that and lupus up....i just cant be bothered right now, so whatever! might go back might not!!

    So thats it really sorry its not very informative! im not feeling it today, just recently come off the Predisolone (end of my treatment) which sucks!!

    take care all
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    hi jane,

    glad to hear from you. I was wondering about you and hoping that you were just off having fun....guess that is not the case.

    you know, i find that so many professionals of different expertise encourage and push us to get involved in physical exercise, because they truly believe that it will make us feel better.

    I have a lot of experience in exercise/weight training, etc. Several months ago, i went to a "gentle water aerobics" class, (i was the youngest one there, and it was depressing). When the class was over, i could not walk, my legs would not move, my daughter had to help me home and to bed i went. I tried this class because , even my common sense tells me, that exercise will help the body from locking up.

    For monts now, I have done no more than gentle walks... until yesterday. I went back to the water aerobics, and did everything at my own pace, i listened to my body, and i quit before the 1 hour.....i was exhausted, and scared that i had hurt myself, but today i feel ok.....

    so, you listen to your body, gentle stretching and exercise in bed is probably good for you, but to let someone poke and prod on you and put you through physical therapy, etc. may be just toooo much....only you know this. Remember, these little antibodies are eating at you, they are eating the small tissue around your joints. this is not a pulled muscle, or a damaged tendon, in these cases, the damage would be done, and rehab is possible. This is a chronic problem and your body is constantly being attacked.

    I truly believe in the importance of exercise, but about 30 minutes is proving to be all that i can handle without being put back into bed as a result.

    Pilates is something that i have thought about trying....however, yesterday we did a simple stretch of the arm over the head, and i hurt my shoulder/arm. Pilates is a lot of stretching, and we need an instructor who will help us take it easy and not stretch so much. When in a class, it is typical to try to copy the leader.....they can stretch to next year....i can't stretch to tomorrow... so, we need to be sure and take it very slow, work our way up, or stay where we are. the important thing is that we do something, not that we touch our toes when touching our knees is as far as we can go.

    thanks for sharing your story. Please take care of yourself, work at your own pace, you know your body. I do agree that working our joints, muscles, etc. is absolutely the right thing, but we have to do it at our level, and too many people don't understand this. they see us, we look healthy, so they think we can do everything.

    At yesterday's water class, the instructor said to me "i understand that stress causes lupus." i knew then she did not have a clue, so i had to watch out for myself.

    so glad you are here, i have missed you,

    share a smile today

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    Default hi

    Oh Jane,

    You just rest up and do what YOU know your body can do.The professionals are so good at talking sometimes. Now i dont want to see any photos of legs behind the head and stuff either You just rest up!

    I am still here,just been on new meds so unable to function like i used to.I will pop back,just know im thinking of you all and hoping you are keeping on keeping on.xxxxxxx

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