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Thread: Maybe too personal, but why not.

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    Oh heck yeah....since Lupus, a good night's sleep is the new foreplay....LOL...we have definitely switched to being "morning people". I am just way too wiped out at night to enjoy anything besides a half-hour comedy on the DVR and 10 minutes of reading before passing out from exhaustion. It's just the way life is.

    But hey - it's not a bad way to start the day, sometimes!!!

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    I haven't had sex since I broke up with my first ex I forget how many years ago now. The whole reason we broke up was because I just didn't have the energy or the drive to "give it" to him as much as he wanted, and he blamed me and would hold grudges against me and be angry with me over it. Needless to say, he was an asshole, and I don't miss him at all, life has been much better without him, plus I have a brand new man now who looks to be a definite keeper.

    Enough sleep, and days when you are feeling better are the best times to try to get into that. I have needed extra lubricant too since I was diagnosed, I am not able to perform anymore on my own without it, or else it is very painful.
    Most of all we need understanding men.

    lol I love what you said about now being a "morning person" hehe.
    "With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter, I am a survivor!" - Reba McEntire

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