I had ultrasound on carotid artey yesterday. Waiting for results. Of course the technician said why would you being 36 have artery problems, your to young! I said yeah and to to young for macular degeneration, and everything else! Bad thing is I feel very old!!!!!!! I will be 37 on April 18th. I seen Rhuem. he wants to wait to try an stop my cns attack until Neuro sees me 23rd! So hopefully it does not do anymore damage until then. Ill let everyone know if ultrasound shows anything.One good thing if it is MS too, I started some therapy a bee stung me on the left hand lastnight!Thats the side that was numb! I seen where people used bee stinging to help with their ms. Not sure how or what it does! (so any ways)lol Have a great day. Kathy