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Thread: My new pet,,,to get your mind off things

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob View Post
    Hi Terry,

    I know quite a bit about glass bedding. That's one of those "bread and butter" gunsmith jobs. Every sniper rifle produced in my shop was pillar bedded and free floated. Over the years I developed a fairly simple, and reliable method of bedding that does not require a whole lot of previous experience, and uses no exotic materials or special tools. I'd be happy to PM you a list of the materials needed, as well as instructions. What kind of stock are you using? The technique is a bit different for a wood stock versus a composite. Also, does your P-17 have the original barrel, or an aftermarket sporter barrel? Free floating the barrel may, or may not be practical depending on what sort of stock and barrel you are using. Free floating the barrel is nice, but not always necessary. Let me know the details and I'll get you set up with instructions. Although you can buy a bedding "kit" from a gunsmith supply house like Brownells, there are better bedding and release compounds available that can be found locally. Anyway, hope you are having a good Easter!


    PS The crank in my P-51's engine was bent, and I was surprised to discover that a new crank wasn't very expensive. Got a new one from OS for around $35 and it only took about an hour to swap out. I thought about just running it with the bent shaft, but I've read horror stories about the vibration wreaking havoc on the airframe and electronics.

    i have had a chance to fly since the wreck, but with no noticeable vibs. could you notice the vibs on the ground, going through the rpms?

    just using the term P-17 I can see youve dealt with the 1917 before! I have the original rifle steel including barrel and ammo vault with follower and everything will be hot blued when finished, the old stock was the over/under military that was chopped into a sporter with glass bedding in the barrel trough only, the new stock is a clairo walnut Monte Carlo from richards microfit that I have inlet and relieved for a full float, I got a little anxious this weekend because of the nice weather and finished it with tung oil

    Im looking at Devcon 10110 liquid steele for a bedding compound, have you used this? if so how fast in the reaction time?

    prolly ought to move to pms for this
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    Hi Terry,

    I sent you a PM with some info. Let me know how I can help.


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