Hi there,
My wife was diagnosed over 4 years ago with Discoid Lupus. Over the past 4-6 months she started displaying SLE related symptoms. Although we knew that there was a possibility her Discoid could develop into SLE, we didn't "see" what was happening right in front of us (hindsight's 20/20, right?). Unfortunately, during this time we never connected the dots and realized what she was going through because we had never really focused on the SLE portions of our research. After visiting the doctor 2 weeks ago, he explained to her that he had mis-diagnosed her Discoid Lupus and that she has had SLE all along.

Physically, she has not been well since about mid-November. But aside from her numerous physical struggles during this time - increased fatigue and joint pain, steady headaches, abdominal pains, herpes simplex B breakouts on nose (4 times since Nov), constant spotting, zig-zagging sight - she has gone through quite a personality change.

While we have dealt with bouts of depression before, this has been quite different. She has seemingly turned her back on all those who love her except for our two beautiful daughters. Of the closest to her:
- Her parents, who she has always been extremely close with and have always supported her, are scared and confused with the lack of relationship/love between them. They contact me daily to find out how she is because she very rarely touches base with them anymore. When she does, the conversations are very one-sided and she is short and unfeeling with them.
- Her closest aunt and uncle, who are also her god-parents, have become a non-factor in her life. They have always been support figures in her life.
- She no longer pays attention to her sickly grand-mother who had always been a VIP in her life.
- And then myself, who faces weekly discussions with her of separation because she is "void of feelings" and "miserable, pretending to live a happily married life".

Some of our research discusses personality disorders and changes in disposition. Could all this be related?