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Thread: Common Questions from New Members

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    Default Common Questions from New Members

    I receive emails from time to time with similiar questions, so I'll start posting those questions and answers here. This is for questions about forums, software and navigating our community features. For Lupus related questions please see our main forum.

    If you are a new member and have a question about how the forum functions work, please post here so we can add it to our questions. Thanks!

    What is a blog? A blog is like an online notebook to post your thoughts. You can treat it like a diary, or a place to post recipes, schematics, your favorite poetry, jokes. You can also add photos and attachments. Every member has their own blog. See the "Blogs" link on the top navigation bar.

    What is the difference between a thread and a post? A thread is a collection of posts. When someone makes a post on a new subject in a forum, then a thread has started on that subject. Other members add their own posts to that thread. In general, the individual posts are on the same general subject. Think of our forum as a fabric, and each "thread" is what makes the fabric or content of our forum. This thread you are reading is about "Common Questions from New Members".

    What is an Avatar? An avatar is the picture/image/photo associated with your account. It's part of your online identity. You can upload an Avatar in your control panel. See the "User CP" link on the top left of the navigation bar.

    How do I change my statistics? Statistics on your account are generated by your activity on our forum. They change automatically according to your actions. Individual elements like password, Avatar, blogs posts, etc. can be changed or added in your control panel. See the "User CP" link on the top left of the navigation bar.

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