Well Wednesday I went to the allergist and he told me that my sleep study showed I did not have sleep apnea. At least, I did the test right. He said he left a message on my computer phone with the good news, but I never got it. But he didn't offer me any relief from my loud snoring problem.

The other good news is I don't need to come back to see him until I can come up with the funds for my allergy mix, so I can start allergy shots. They helped me in the past, but it will take three years of shots to recieve the full treatment. I am most allergic to dust mites, grasses, flowers, trees, cat and dog dander and one more thing, that slips my mind at the moment.

I told him that now I only have to go see my regular Dr. and probably a physical therapist. As the urgent care Dr. is recommending me to see a physical therapist and my regular Dr. said I could or could not see one. I was to make the decision, as it would require some visits. How many he didn't go into?

Having one less Dr. to go to, for now works out well for me. As my head is swimming with Drs. and prescriptions. It is hard to keep track of all the prescriptions, the taking of the medicines, and keeping up on refills, as well as the Dr. appointments themselves.