hey everyone... i've recently been experiencing a... difference of opinion, if you will, between my nephrologist and rheumatologist, which has left me extremely confused and now i don't know what to do.

i had been on yasmine birth control for about 6 years until about 2 weeks ago. my nephrologist told me the hormones of the birth control combined with the other medications i've been taking could have a negative affect on my system. because i'm trying to do everything i can to be HEALTHY, i didn't even think twice about getting off the birth control.

but today, when i just saw my rheumatologist, and i told her that i'm no longer taking yasmine because of what the nephro said, she told me something else. she said that actually it's GOOD for lupus patients to be on birth control because it regulates your hormone levels.

sorry for using a very typical young person's internet acronym but... WTF???