Hello to everyone, I have SL Panniculitis (Cutaneous Profundus) I think I spelled that wrong. I'm 35 and had symptoms off and on since I was 19. My onset was a heart attack due to four abnormal thinning arteries five years ago. My symptoms haven't been bashful since. I've had it all, rashes, the aches, pains, fevers, stomach aches, light sensitivity, headaches, hair loss, lung and chest pains. My Rheumi didn't want to label me Lupus and refers to it as Vasculitis Panniculitis. My cardiologist thought I had Takayasu Arteritis but a Specialist in San Francisco ruled that out and said that I have Lupus with a heart condition and panniculitis. Whatever it may be, my medication has kept me underwraps so far. I'm actively working on the Panniculitis. Is there anyone out there that has this or heard of this? Thank you for any feedback.