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    Smile Me again....

    My real name is Sandra. Sasha is my lovely pet name. she is a 3 years old female pinsher dog. She is one of my best friend. When I'm said she makes me smile no matter waht and when I smile she smiles too for me!
    I work on a travel agency for about 8 or 9 hours per day. I'm responsible for one of the branchs. It's exausting... That's why I say that lupus makes you feel good in the outside but inside no one can understand and many times I keep thing that they push me more than anyone else just because and chief of department. When we complain about this many times they do not understand....
    when my work day ends i have to go home cook, clean, iron and all the things wifes must do.
    As you may understand when I end up I'm even more exhausted. My husband listen to me and it's very understanding but I really think that only the persons with same disease can really understand it. My next fight is trying to have kids. Some docters allow it but others don't. Besides Lupus they are testing me for shaugran syndrom or something like that. Next May I will have to make a biopsy to the mouth (saliva). On the weekens I force myself to go out and walk in the nature with my pet and husband. By now I can't take a medical leave due to finnacial reasons as we do not earn too much money and we have to pay all our expenses besides eating. It's my first time in this kind of foruns so I realy do not know how this works so I decided to try this one. In Portugal there are no forum like this. We have an association for persons with Lupus but this is not a well known disease....
    I love be outside and it feels very good like feel the sun on your face in the end of the afternoon (in Portugal there's been like 20 during day!!!!)
    For those like us that can't have some good things of life like beeing in the sun, go to the beach ... don't know how it is important!
    Before ending I have to thank Angel, Lory, Philys and Rob for your prompt support.
    (I'm sorry for my english in case there are some errors...)
    Ok I will end it know son I will be here all night long and tomorrow is another day of work!!!!!!!

    Kisses for everyone,

    Thank you


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    hey Sandra,
    Your English is very good, a whole lot better than my Portuguese is good that you are still able to work your job and even better that you have a understanding husband.
    I'm sure that you will be able to find a doctor who will work with you when you and your husband are ready to have a baby. It is doable you just have to have someone who knows your illness....

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.......Robert Frost

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    Default hi

    Hi and we are so glad you found us.Your English is very good. You keep coming back and hopefully we all can help you and support you in some little way.

    lots of love
    I am still here,just been on new meds so unable to function like i used to.I will pop back,just know im thinking of you all and hoping you are keeping on keeping on.xxxxxxx

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    hi sandra,

    again, welcome to the group. your english is great and like sickntired said, it is much better than my Portugese.

    it sounds like maybe your dr. is checking you for sjorgen syndrome - this is the mouth sores, nose sores, that you see many of us talk about. sjorgen disease is one of the diseases that frequently attaches itself to lupus. i am not sure if this is what you were talking about, but sounds the same.

    about having babies.....there are so many members here who have given birth while struggling with lupus. i am sure some of them will be along soon to give you some insight about pregnancy and lupus.

    the format of this forum makes it easy to can click on to anything and nothing blows up. ha ha ha
    keep experimenting and looking around....we are here for you.

    share a smile today

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    Welcome to our family
    Your English is very good, have no worries! I know what you mean by loving to be in the fresh air and having the sun on your body. However, please be very careful because sun exposure can be one of our most horrendous enemies! Make sure that you cover yourself in a good sunscreen (minimum SPF of 35), keep your body covered in loose fitting clothing, wear sunglasses that protect you from UV rays and wear a hat! Also, do try to be aware of the amount of time that you are in the sun, it is best that you limit your exposure in order to ensure that being in the sun does not cause you to have a flare-up!
    Mountaindreamer has given you information about Sjorgen's syndrome. This, as she pointed out, is an auto-immune disorder that is often seen as an overlapping disease with Lupus. Many members here also suffer from Sjorgen's Syndrome, so you are not alone and they will be able to give you advice and information about the syndrome.
    Most doctors are willing to allow Lupus patients to become pregnant as long as their symptoms are under some kind of control and that major organ involvement (if any) is not an issue. Just work with your doctors on this issue so that you can plan your pregnancy in such a way to ensure a greater chance of success!
    Remember, there is always someone here when you need support, advice, information or just want to vent. We are here to help you in any way that we can!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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