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    Hi my name is Wendy. I need some advice. I began having joint pain about a year ago. This spring I had an especially intense time which included fatigue, pain, etc. I felt like I had red hot pokers in my hands and feet. Since then, I have not had any strong pain and no fatigue. I visited the rheumatologist just last week. All my tests were normal. I felt great. He is redoing the ANA test which was a mild positive from my family doc. I am wondering if this sounds familiar? Or should I just go on and think I am normal? I am taking several supplements for the joint pain and don't even need alleve. I am only 35 and have lots of life to live! Any encouragement would be appreciated.

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    Hi Wendy :lol:
    You are so right aout having a lot of life to live. Please do not start by worrying yourself sick. You have done the right thing by going to your doctor and getting tested.
    Lupus is a very difficult disease to diagnose because it affects each person differently and manifests itself differently in each person. The testing process can takes months or even years sometimes before a final diagnosis is made. With what you have described, it is much too early for you to be concerned about Lupus.
    Right now you are managing your pain with only supplements and that is great. I would suggest that you continue to pay attention to your body, continue to consult with your doctors and especially, continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Being active is the best way to support and strengthen your immune system!!
    Take Very Good Care Of Yourself and Listen To Your Body!!
    Peace and Blessings

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