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Thread: One lupus lab test positive and the other negative?

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    Default One lupus lab test positive and the other negative?

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here........I just don't know where to turn.

    My Rheumatologist did some lab tests on me because of some symptoms and a + ANA of 1:160 , fine speckled pattern.

    Anti-Sm/RNP ( tested as one) came back positive at 122 (0-83 is normal). On the lab sheet is says they repeated the test twice. But he also ran separate tests, Anti-Sm & RNP separately from a different lab and both of those came back < 1.0 (negative) each. So he said that the 1st test is highly sensitive with some false positive rates and is throwing it out and going with the more reliable separate tests that tested negative. ???? Is this common? Anyone here have that happen?

    Here are/were my symptoms:

    4-5 years ago it started with on & off hip pain at night.


    Currently, I have lost 50% of my hair in the past 6 months ( confirmed by my hair dresser of 10 years) It's an all over loss with no patches.

    Intermittent knee pain

    Ocassional ankle pain and stiffness in the morning

    Ocassional hand/fiinger pain stiffness in the morning

    No sun sensitivity, although I do notice that I get tired after being in the sun.

    All other labs are normal. ( sed rate, c3 & c4, cbc and many others.)

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    hi dbeth,

    my ana was positive for over 13 years before i was diagnosed. keep a diary of your symptoms, and this will help the dr. make a definitive diagnosis.

    goodluck to you, enjoy the group, lots of good people here.

    share a smile today

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    Your not alone,
    my test were like that also, have your doc send blood work to a lab that only does auto immune diseases.
    my doc did it cost me 250. i live in md and they sent the blood work to ca. lab.
    best thing i ever pay for.
    i have notice also depending on the type of flare if any i am having when they do take blood the test are always differen. but we know our bodies better than anyone and make sure you doc knows that. my obgyn. told me he gina we practice medicine not predict. we can only go by test and what the patient tells us and sometimes we do make mistakes. that why we called pracitoners. excuse the spelling been in brain fog and can't remember how to spell. so call doc back up and tell him to send labs somewhere else. they are so busy with all their patients sometimes you have to tell them what to do. if they don't listen you need a new doc. good luck

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