I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have replied to me cry! Along with taking two antibodics I am taking Nexium, (the purple heartburn pill that heals the damage along with stoping the acide production) compizine supository cause I can't keep things down, percocet for pain, and another drug for migraines it has a seditave, tylenol and caffine in it, and propanolol which is suppose to control my migraines but actually helps my blood presure.

Some asked me if they did and lower scope not last week but I have had 13 of those done in the last 3 years. I have been tested for Celiacs negative at one time I was tested for Crohn's it came back possitive and now it is negative. I also have tested possitive for Ulcerative Colitis which comes back negative now.

I don't do NSAIDS as I am allergic to them all, I have been tested for food allergies and they come back neg or normal. I do have H.Plori and GERD right now they think from a valve thats not working right. Other than that they don't know how to help me out I am sooooo frustrated. I see my surgeon tomorrow. So maybe he has answers ----- Debbi