Hi there sorry I haven't been on been sick really really sick lately. I ended up with boils all over the front of my skin. Then I got sick started up chucking blood had to have an upper endoscope done found that my stomach and small intestine has ulcers from another bacterial infection and a valve that goes from my stomach to the small intestine isn't working right so I have bile where there shouldn't be bile. Sorry if this is grafic and gross but this is what I have been dealing with for weeks now. I can't seem to get the medical field to help me find out why this is happening or whats causing this other than my immune system has gone haywire. DUH!

Like the title says I have been ready to give up my pain and want to go to my erternal home where there is promises of no more pain, no more tears. Today is no better than yesterday, I ate solid food my stomach hurts like crap. I have a rash on my arms that has been there since Nov 08 but can't get anyone to listen tooo me. My pastor and elders have prayed over me and I know I am a long way from going "home". I am just tired of the fight.