Hi, my name is cindy and I am new to this sight, infact this is the first time I have even join a support group, I thought I could just handle everything myself (right!).

For 3 years I have had SLE,FM, RA but finding the lupus is the root to my troubles and reading different entries I am understaning I am not alone. I am a mother of 2 teenagers and am still able to work fulltime. I am lucky I work 3-12hr shifts a week and I am able to split my days, so far so good.

Lately I have noticed changes in how I have been able to use my brain. I will be talking and forget what I am saying, was making dinner the other night and had to stop to remember how to finish making my lazona. Has this happen to anyone? Do I need to talk to my rheum about it. I also get real bad itches on my legs and if I scratch them, it gets more intence and spreads, but there is no rash or anything, it is wierd.

I hate going to my rheum, it's had to talk to him about things, I usually just go in and tell him everything is fine and get the refills on my meds and get out. Any suggestions ???

well thanks for just letting my ramble on and thanks to all my new friends