I have to go to the hospital for what should be a simple uncomplicated "bleeding" as we with HH call it. Since I was first diagnosed in 1994 with HH, (iron overload) I have had over 60 units of blood removed. Sometimes it turns into a nightmare. Usually is goes smooth as can be.

When I have them at a Community Blood Bank I don't have too many complications. My veins have been blown out by an improper suctioning technique which makes it hard for newby phlebotomists to get a line in. I have had bad experiences at the local hospital in the past. One time A very stinky nurse with crusted over open wounds on her hands came at me with a needle and NO gloves on! Supposedly they have improved quality but many locals still go elsewhere.

The blood bank closed so this is the closest option for me. I am afraid of airborn bugs. OMG I am talking myself out of this..lol The other option is an hour drive down the mountain, city driving, and an hour back...I get sick with virus at least 50% of the time when I leave the house.

I would appreciate your prayers for guidance and your opinions.