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Thread: Mouth sores, this is new..Great...

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    Default Mouth sores, this is new..Great...

    Stupid flair. I am in a rather nasty one the last few weeks that I have been beating back with some new meds. Cellcept is my new med, trying to find one so i can get off the Prednisone. (all puffy) but without it I come appart.

    So I have been sleeping a ton, my wife is concerned that I am resting so much. I can't help it, I come home from work and I am just so beat.

    So about a week or so ago I started to get mouth sores. Oh I have had in the past a small one here a small one there. But this is one big one on the roof of my mouth, ouch. Hard to eat, hard to drink. All the teeth in my mouth have suddenly become sensitive to heat and cold, so drinking cold water is misery.

    I heard that lupus sores are painless. I wonder if that is true? Because this sore is new and misery and won't heal, unhhh so if it isn't related to the problem it makes me wonder.

    I have also been suffering from terrible dry mouth and dry eyes. My mouth is always so dry I feel like I can't swallow things and my eyes feel like they have sand in them all the time. But they don't tear, the just get all red and puffy. I think this may be part of the flair as well.

    Bah, this all was happening before the Cellcept, so it isn't a medicine reaction, so if Lupus sores are painless, maybe it is related to the dry mouth, eye, thing.

    so confused, how symptoms overlap it is hard to tell what is what.

    I have an appointment with rhuemy in a few weeks, going to ask him.

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    Sounds like classic Sjogren's Syndrome. I would call your rheumy (now--no waiting until your regular appt--otherwise your symptoms will be gone) and let them know your latest symptoms.

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    Hey Dave,

    I agree with Bonus mom...It sounds like the classic symptoms of Sjogrens..I have found that even though I am too tired and sick to go to the doc, that if I show up in a flare, he sees for himself and is able to handle it.
    Also, I know that many of the mouth/nose sores don't hurt with Lupus, but some also do hurt. there is no rhyme or reason as to which ones do or don't.
    I hope you get to feeling better, soon but not before your doc has had a chance to see you.
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