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Thread: Chest pain, anyone?

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    Default Chest pain, anyone?

    Hello to you all,

    I was wondering if anyone else experiences chest pain? I get this pain across the left side of my chest, I can only describe it as a clogging and stabbing pain, and it feels like a lump. When I move the pain is really sharp and burns. I have had this pain on and off for several years now, so it cannot be anything serious. It is particularly bad today, hence me asking.

    It seems to be random to me although I have noticed that certain foods I eat aggravate it, like eggs or chips. LOL. I also feel like when I am taking a breath that it is not enough to fill my lungs and have to keep taking big breaths, although I donít know if this is related.

    I mentioned it to my rheumy recently and he said that it is to do with the muscles and rib cage in the chest area causing pain and tightness and to rub anti inflammatory gels on it. Although to me this does not feel anything like a muscle / chest ache it is a different sort of pain to aches anywhere else in my body.

    I am getting a bit fed up with having to go and see my family doctor, who has a habit of not being very understanding. Plus I am going through some other tests that this doctor sent me to so I donít want to have to go back with another problem though fear he will call me a hypochondriac. Anyhow I wondered if anyone else could share any similar experiences so it may shed some light on what it is and possibly any suggestions to relieve it?

    Thanks so much,


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    Carly I've had that. My dr said I had pulled the muscle between my ribs and my chest but to me it felt like it was underneath. BUT it was infected so they gave me antiobiotics and an anti-inflammatory. Might not hurt to have another dr look at it just to see??? {{{HUG}}}

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