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Thread: Seeing the Allergist Again

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    Default Seeing the Allergist Again

    Well last time I went to the allergist, I found out that my allergen mix wasn't going to be covered by the plan I am in. It is so crazy. They paid for the testing, but won't pay for the mix to get the shots I need. Anyway, I will have to come up with the money myself, which won't be easy, but won't be impossible either. I plan on getting the shots, as soon as I can come up with the money.

    He, also, is going to do sleep studies on me for possible sleep apnea. He mentioned something about wearing a CPAP at night. I don't know what all of this entails, but I am willing to give it a shot to find out if I have sleep apnea.

    When he took my blood pressure, it is the first time it has been in the "normal" range. I was surprised because it is not under control yet. We'll see if it stays in the "normal" range over the long run. I still need to see my regular Dr. for follow-up on this. I'll let you guys know what happens in the future with my allergys, and BP.

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    Hi, I know about bp control! whats weird my entire life i had 90/50, but last 2years its been 170/110! Lupus is strange! I was nurse 18yrs and have taken care of alot of people with CPAPs. If I can help let me know. Every since Ive got worse I had to stop working.
    Sorry i'm not home pain! and don't leave message I am not calling u back!

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