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Thread: Hi I'm a another newbie!

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    Default Hi I'm a another newbie!

    Hi my name is Christie...recently diagnosed with Lupus by my PCP but my rheumy that i don't care for so far hasn't quite diagnosed me yet. It's been a busy month and 1/2...i'm on prednisone and tapering off of that..which is to say the least is driving me crazy...about to have my 3rd treatment of Rituxan tomorrow. My main problems as we speak are that my platelets are dangerously low and i was having bladder problems that seemed like really bad bladder infections but never showed bacteria and went to urologist and they diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis i think i spelled that right! LOL My fatigue is awful as well....depression is very bad sometimes but then i feel so strong like i'm not going to let this crap get me down attitude! Steroids are contributing to my crazy moods though and i know this. Oh and I am 34yrs old..i have a 6yr old daughter that I don't know what i would do without. My boyfriend lives with me and this is all very hard on my family and him. My sister is my rock and she has been helping me out tremendously! Ok I think I have done enough rambling! Would love to hear from others that have similar things going on like I do. I know each and every Lupie is different!

    Hugz and Prayers

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    Hey Christie,'ve come to the right place...I had a similar experience. My primary care physician took many tests Ana dsDna etc and dx'd me with lupus...I went to my first Rheumy an he told me that he liked to refer to what I seem to have as "crazy Womans disease" then proceeded to tell me that I really don't feel what I am feeling.
    I suggest if you don't really care for the Rheumy you find one you can trust and/or do care for...there may be sometimes that you will need to work with the rheumy closely and if you don't care for what he says or how he is saying it could put undue stress on you. Stress is a no no with autoimmune.
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