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Thread: Cross-Country For A Cure! JM's Lupus Ride

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    Default Cross-Country For A Cure! JM's Lupus Ride

    Everyone I need your help,

    My name is Jean-Marc Dykes, I am 21 years old. Several years ago someone very close to me was diagnosed with Lupus, and after witnessing her perserverance I have decided to cycle cross-country from Vancouver BC to Marblehead Massachusetts for Lupus Research. I have been fundraising since August, but the cause needs a lot more exposure. I think everyone here can agree that there needs to be a lot more awareness of this illness. This is a chance not only to give back in hopes of a cure, but to spread the word, raise awareness and bring this disease into the light (don't worry, we'll be wearing SPF 80 ;-). I know times are tough right now, but if you can make a donation, every little bit helps. More importantly please, please spread the word about my website. If anyone has any contacts for publicity that might be valuable please let me know!

    The site is: vvvvvv dott lupusride dott com

    I can be easily reached at jm {at} lupusride dott com

    (I apologize for the odd notation of the website, but this forum will not allow me to post a URL on my first post. If you have trouble getting the website you can either google "JM's Lupus Ride" or respond to this post and I will give you the URL in a personal response.)

    Please spread the word, email all your friends and family with the Link,
    and if anyone can get me on the Ellen Degeneres Show, or the Oprah show, I would be forever grateful!!!!! ;-)

    The website has the whole story if you would like to read more, and feel free to contact me!



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    Hello Jean-Marc,

    My name is Rob, and I'm a moderator here. I'm sending you a Private Message to speak to you about your posts here, and about your project. If you look at the top right corner of any page, you'll see the blue 'Private Messages" under your username. Just click it, and you can see your PM's. Thank you.


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    Thx Rob

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