I woke up this morning really happy jolly full of life i was!!

It was great i cracked on with everything felt on top of the world i did
Then i thought hmmm il put a bit of music on loudly have a good old bop to it (nothing major like break dancing or anything, just sitting down like) i was telling my friend how fantastic i felt POSITIVE THINKING and all that, then litually with in the drop of a hat im talking quicker than that i get shooting pains through my back and i feel like ive been kicked to the floor several times!!

Give me a break on this one!! I was doing good recovered well (i thought) from my 1st migraine that i got on thursday night, ok it took a bit of extra time etc, BUT why is it hitting me again?? Do you spose my body nos what tmrw is??

I thought ok i can do without this right now, STUPID LUPUS sort it out for gawds sake, i am trying to live my life here, why does it always kick me down when im good?

Rant over with......Lets say lupus is a person here.....hes now off my christmas card list.....and if i see him in the street im gonna kick him back!!