hey there...does anyone else experience constant tonsil infections? i mean they are infected at least twice a month for minimum of one week and sometimes they become infected and stay infected for 3 months solid. they get swollen and white and super painful and i can hardly swallow from the swelling. my dr. tells me i am over-reacting and it is just what i will see with my meds (even though I am finally off the methotrexate and on only 5mg prednisone). soooo frustrating. i can't get any medication out of him to address the infections and insurance makes changing drs a huge, huge pain in my behind! i've had symptoms of lupus since age 13 but i've been diagnosed for only 2 years and have had this tonsil problem for about 6 years now. i am 27. i am ready to rip my own tonsils out soon!

maybe someone here can offer some info on the tonsils and lupus connection, if any?? thanks to all.