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Thread: new with a question- ds dna positive then negative? warning LONG!

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    Default hi

    Ah i am so glad we all managed to help you if only a little. Just a warning though. If you visit the arcade will get addicted lol

    You now enjoy all the places in here and have some fun.You know we all here for you and little baby boy inside....ahhhhh.

    Love and gentle hugs (not the ones that make you cry though)

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    Wow I am sorry you are dealing with this! I understand how miserable it is to be in limbo with a diagnosis and then to have the fatigue and knwo that you are so young but feel so much older than your age.

    Sending you gentle hugs and hope that the new rheumy can help you. Sometimes you have to weed ethrough the meanies to get to the good ones. Giving you lots of support here!
    Mommy to a cute little three year old.
    I am a Juvenile Diabetic diagnosed at age 12, Positive ANA, arthritic joint pain, extreme fatigue, cannot take prednisone and am allergic to Plaquenil. Undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, Graves disease and fibromyalgia

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    In regards to your question..positive then negative anti- double strand dna...yes, you can have a positive and then a negative and both can be accurate. It is said, thought to be decreases in anti-double-stranded DNA levels are associated with concurrent flares...

    And too...a decreased or negative anti-ds.dna or ANA doesn't mean you are not in a flare..ah, the madness.

    A positive test is only part of the evidence, a tool not the whole diagnose of Lupus...even though the anti-ds DNA is one of the most specific auto antibodies in Lupus... is imortant to us to have a diagnose for our sanity it isn;t necessary for treatment. Know, they should always treat your symptoms. Are you on Plaquenil?

    Getting a diagnose is a maddening trip. Keep looking for a doctor that matches with you..that you feel good with. My doctor here...ah, I would leave him if I could.

    Your primary, even your NP can prescribe the drugs...

    I know it gets discouraging, but take a deep breath and have another go at it. You are worth it...

    Keep looking for your wellness, Michelle...hope today is a better day...

    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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    Default Hi michele

    I am also new to this site. my test were positive for three years and the last one was negative. from what my doc says and what i have learned from other people that can happen. my doc thinks it has to do when your in a flare she not sure but has seen it also.

    i think you should change doc asap. the one thing i had to do was that. it took me a hospital my aunts to finally go see someone else my gp just didn't know what she was talking about. neither did the gi doc, he did tell me to see a reumy which i did who refered me to and internist which i love. once you find a doc you like the better you will feel good luck and just remeber you woke up today and thats a good thing.

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