Just got back from taking Dylan to after hours. Came home from school with a temp of 102.7. He has had some issues with congestion for the past three months. Did doxicyclin (sp?), got better then started back up after script was done. Went back and he got put on a nasal steroid. Didn't really do much except raise his bp. Cough started up again this weekend and has been getting worse. When he came home and asked if he felt warm, I wasn't gonna take any chances! Dr. at least was familiar with him and what he's been through (Thank God!!!). Something viral. No ear infection, no strep, lungs sound good..... going to hopefully prevent getting influneza and put him on tamiflu and some other med to help with the cough. Wants me to call his primary tomorrow and get a follow-up at the end of the week. Also am suppose to call his nephrologist and fill her in on whats going on. He's got finals this week too. He really needs the rest and plenty of fluids. Don't need a trip to the hospital!