Hi every one!! Im Klaire, and im new to this site. Im 17, almost 18 and have been diognosed since december 2002.

My Story:

ok well the doctors say they think i have had it for about 4-5 years but they are so wrong...
since i was a baby i have had the 'butterfly rash' and from been very young i have had joint problems ,aches , pains etc.

when i was about 9 i started going to the doctors CONSTANTLY complaining of joint pains. i had so much time off school cos of the pain of walking the teachers thought it was an excuse because to look at i was fine. after about two years i was referred to ( excuse my spelling -my excuse is i missed school -OK!) rumatology, well obviously i cant spell so heres how its said outloud: Room-A-Tol-ogy...where she told us i had arthritus. i had physiotherapy (hey i spelt it right! i think) :? and then discharged.

the doctors then passed it off as 'growing pains' and 'its a phase' and of course cos of the time of school 'its probably problems at school' and she just doesnt want to go.

this went on until i was 15 when i started having migraines so bad i couldnt open my eyes, i was sick all the time and began to feel dizzy and half way through the day i was almost collapsing with fatigue.

my family decided to changed doctors and in the routine tests they found 4+ blood and 4+ protein in my urine.

within two weeks they had me in the hospital where i had a kidney biopsy which confirmed that i had lupus nephritis grade 3/4.

well that was the day my life basically ended. i was fairly popular in school and all of a sudden i had lost all my 'friends' all but two of them because they 'didnt want to catch it' or as i have said in a previous post, they didnt believe me when i suddenly had a flare.
i became so depressed i didnt leave the house for weeks and when i did i wanted to come back home ASAP.

well i say my life ended, which i truly did feel that at the time, but things do pick up. i got told that when i was first diognosed and didnt believe it , but its true. i feel alot better in my health and about my self and am been treated still for depression but hey what do you expect. i have a disease. who wouldnt be depressed :P

so any one who wants to talk then im on MSN Messenger ALOT and id be happy to chat to you!

hope 2 hear from you all soon! Klaire

p.s sorry for the essay 8)
p.p.s forgot to add i also have SLE and ARthritus which jumped on along the way!