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Thread: Went to the docs.

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    Hey CV...

    Have you been to an Orthopedic doctor for your knees? My right knee does the crunch and ripping. The sound of jeans tearing?

    Mine was diagnosed as the knee cap not sliding in the groove of the femur bone properly. Off track. Physical therapist taped it in place to get it back in the groove. It I just rock it into place. Not a permanent fix, but helps...

    Oh, I feel you on the dermas. My experience..egads. But do find one, a different one then your last. You don't want it to be so out of control like mine was..I'm still recovering. Dry but with feeling at least. Still some small patches of hard tight dead to the touch skin and a few stragglers of deep hole scabs.

    Six months of itching was insane. It affected my every thought and move. I pray I never have it again and I am thankful of its retreat...

    So, please do find someone to care for your rash...diagnose it...

    It's Friday...yeah. What's on your agenda...enjoy!

    Hugs and love,
    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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    Hi Oh.

    Not much on the agenda. Hanging around the house. You?

    My knees sound reminds me of sand on glass, that grit sound. I live in a small county, all special docs are in next county. Makes it hard.

    The rash is pretty much about gone, and that was her dx. So unsure if need to look more into it, confused.

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