I went to the docs friday. My issues were the usual pains of joints and muscles, along with fatigues. Well, discussed the isuues of trouble swallowing from time to time. Said she'd see where to get a throat test done. I also keep getting bad sore throats.

Also mentioned the pink patches on the scalp. Said it looked like seborrhea and use selsum blue. The thing is she said the sinus attack I had more than likely caused the reaction. I looked it up, there is many causes. Just didn't see any relating to sinuses in any way. So a bit confused as to the cause and if it will keep repeating. Also got one little sore inside my cheek when I got home, and its no mouth ulcer. Also one sore on upper thigh, no itch or burn though. Docs office is open again tomorrow, but of course they're almost gone. Only laasted 4 days. What in the world could they be?

This is all confusing. Tried to read on the seborrhea, but so much conflicting info. Is it related to psoriasis? The pics on scalp seborhea looked very similar to scalp psoriasis. Just trying to stay on top of things to understand.

She also suggested beginners yoga, to help with the muscles and glucosamine for the joints. Said publix brand is one of the cheapest, so may give a try.

Does anyone have info on seborrhea that's not so confusing? Thanks in advance.