Hey guys,

Im at the complete end of my teather here, i actually cant take anymore of this , ive had the worse w/e of my life, took my new dose of mtx this morning alongside everything else, i had to take over 25 pills today and still am not feeling any better, im really upset the drs cant offer me anything else for the pain of my back, im in tears all the time, and getting very angry with myself, i only wanna walk to the bottom of the road to get some fresh air and i cant stand up now for more than 2 mins where as b4 it was 5 mins, i am so scared i wont be able to get out of bed sometime soon, is anyone else feelin this pain too, i kno i had a convo with one of you before the site changed and stupid me cant remember who it was iim sorry, i being so stupid here, i fell off the sofa this morning whilst i was on a webcam call to my friend...........i kno how thick can i get.....i just fell forward just missing the laptop, aww grrrrrr, had enough of being me now