Well, I finally got the nerve to go to the doc today. I went to another branch of the good ole rural healthcare services to avoid seeing the same doctor again. This guy was great. He ordered the works on my blood- ANA, CBC, I forgot the other ones. He said he wanted to check if my symptoms were caused by a metabolic problem. I'm not sure what that means. He did say that unfortunatley he had no answers today, but he was going to help me figure this out. Finally, a doctor who seems to be on the same page as me. My results won't be back until Tuesday. I have an appointment. An appointment! No more walk-ins for me..moving up on the food chain.
Seriously though, they did a urine analysis and he said everything looked good, no white blood cells, except there was blood in my urine. He asked me if I was on my period. The answer was no. I don't get periods because of the hormone treatment for my endo. So what on earth would cause blood in the urine if their was no sign of infection? I've had blood in my urine before, but that was with a UTI. Thankfully, I've only ver had one. I was actually a little relieved that there was something strange. Maybe I'll be on my way to finding a solution. I'm a little scared, I changed my mind, I wish it was all in my head. Just kidding. Any ideas what would cause this?