This is so darn FRUSTRATING!!!!! I never know if I am getting sick due to Lupus, etc. or if it's a virus or what? Anyway, TWICE in the last month I have spent a Saturday outside. Fully covered and sunscreen on my face. Both times, the next day I have been running (well as fast as I can cause the pain gets worse too ) to the bathroom with diahrea (sp?) for the next couple days. I get really nauseated too but I have pills for that. I'm just wondering if this is coincidence or what? I just spent the last two days going between my bed and my bathroom after my cousin's wedding on Saturday. As I said, I was covered and even had on a huge hat to block the sun, stayed in the shade as much as possible,etc. but yet ended up sick again. Anybody know if the two could be connected or am I just losing it? TIA