To see the Rhuemy today

Hiya everyone its me!
Ive got an appointment to see my rhuemy today (aka kevvie baby),
my appointment is at 4pm, i dont know why but im really nervous :?:
pehaps because ive not seen him for a very long time since august 08! ive got a nice long list for him, and today im going to aske him about the following:-

1. I need a 6 month medical cert for ESA,
2. As some of you know ive suffered with some rght old back pain so much so its reduced me to tears at times, i want to know why the lupus is attacking my back so much,
3. The burning sensation in my shoulders and neck - is there a possible link to Fibro!
4. My swollen knee,
5. Why i experience a dry mouth as soon as i go to bed, but have dy eyes during the day,
6. flashing lights/sparkly lights - from another post someone wrote,
7. why do i get pins and needles in my hips?
8. And finally pain in the arms at night, and the numbness in hands and finger wasnt til Danica wrote a thread about it i thought ah hang on i get that too,

So thats it peeps, im going to get ready now as i have to catch a bus shortly, i will let you all know whats what when i come home