I've had dental problems most of my life and I have less than 16 teeth left. MOst of them that are missing are back teeth as I paid thousands of dollars in dental care over the years to keep my teeth as long as I can.

I've always been told I have a dry mouth by my dentists. I had debilitating fear of dentists for most of my life. My teeth really started falling apart when in my mid-teens and I went to several dentists for extensive work. Then when I was 21 I found an older independent dentist that saved a lot of my teeth. (One I saw before that said I needed to have all of my teeth pulled and have dentures) I spent many years being berrated for my dental health by dental health professionals. My last dentist was the first one to tell me that I had a saliva problem and gave me special mouthwash to use to slow down the rate of decay in my teeth.

I went to a prosthedontist and there is no way I can pay for dental implants. I am terrified of getting dentures but I am also exposing myself to potentially lethal infections not to mention many other problems associated with dental problems. In short, I've been postponing the inevitable and I'm really sick of worrying about when my next tooth is going to break or when I'm going to get another abscess..

Now that I have HMO dental insurance, this year may be the best time for me to bite the bullet and start the process of getting my dental situation handled. (ie get consult for dentures)

I'm depressed about being 28 years old and losing my teeth. I don't know that I have any real questions about that as much as I just need some support and hopefully someone to respond that is in the same situation

I can't believe how depressed I get over this - It makes me feel like such a wuss.