As a Juvenile Diabetic for 20 years and someone who used to work in HR, I understand the benefits of FMLA paperwork. I had it filled out at my previous jobs for Diabetes. Then I took off work to have my son and finish out nursing school and then I got this lovely new problem of UCTD and joint pain, etc. and fibro. To make it simple when discussing with people I will usually just refer to it as RA.

I work as a nurse and my job is rough, my question is - should I bother with getting FMLA paperwork filled out? If so, do I get it for both diabetes and the rheum. issues? I don't really usually miss work for my diabetes, I will work with my blood sugars being funky (as they had been when I was on prednisone). But like yesterday I called out of work b/c I was/am having a flare up (relatd to a dental abscess I think).

So my fear is - will they find a way to hold it against me? I need this job, I enjoy it even though it is very hard on my body, but we need the money, we have no wiggle room for me to lose a job. And while I know they are not allowed to discriminate, we all know it can and does happen. In this economy and where I know my employer is trying to cut costs a lot, should I even bother? Or do I just hope that my sick days are few and far between? If I do end up starting Methotrexate or Imuran, I have a feeling I will need some kind of coverage b/c I hear that I may feel sick in the begining.

Any suggestions?

Sorry for typos my hands are hurting pretty bad today.