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    Default Should I - FMLA

    As a Juvenile Diabetic for 20 years and someone who used to work in HR, I understand the benefits of FMLA paperwork. I had it filled out at my previous jobs for Diabetes. Then I took off work to have my son and finish out nursing school and then I got this lovely new problem of UCTD and joint pain, etc. and fibro. To make it simple when discussing with people I will usually just refer to it as RA.

    I work as a nurse and my job is rough, my question is - should I bother with getting FMLA paperwork filled out? If so, do I get it for both diabetes and the rheum. issues? I don't really usually miss work for my diabetes, I will work with my blood sugars being funky (as they had been when I was on prednisone). But like yesterday I called out of work b/c I was/am having a flare up (relatd to a dental abscess I think).

    So my fear is - will they find a way to hold it against me? I need this job, I enjoy it even though it is very hard on my body, but we need the money, we have no wiggle room for me to lose a job. And while I know they are not allowed to discriminate, we all know it can and does happen. In this economy and where I know my employer is trying to cut costs a lot, should I even bother? Or do I just hope that my sick days are few and far between? If I do end up starting Methotrexate or Imuran, I have a feeling I will need some kind of coverage b/c I hear that I may feel sick in the begining.

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry for typos my hands are hurting pretty bad today.
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    I am on Methotrexate and I had to be very open with my past employer. I take it on Monday nights and normally Tuesdays are pretty tough for me when it comes to functioning. I am on a very high dose and I do believe there will come a time when I am more used to it than I am currently. It probably would not hurt if you decide to fill it out. It is better to make sure that you are as safe as possible when it comes to your job. We would like to think that everyone will be understanding but like you said, that is not always the case Hang in there and let me know what you decide to do.
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    I know that this is a late response. I just saw it.

    I did it for my job. My Rheumy put down everything that she knows of that I currently have a dx for. One thing that was in my favor is that my division manager steered me in the right direction. I work as a maintenance manager in the biggest steel mill in the US. She had to call HQ to find out how to direct me cause I was the 1st and only manager inthis company going for FMLA. I still doc everything, including my email of the call off and a printout of my clock ins/outs, evaluations, and any other correspondances.

    I do not know how to advise you but...I know that it gives a piece of mind having it.

    Good Luck!!
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