My first entry suddenly erase..coz i included a link. now i have to type my post all over again.

any way..

i'm asking everyone. suggestions. here' the story.

I'm at the stage of creating a website for filipino lupies specially for kids and their families. Kindly see below my prospective content of the site.

1. About lupus
- Gen. Info
- Symptoms
- Treatments
- Diet (for those who has kidney disease)
- Others (suggestions here)

2. Assisting patients and families
- List of charities and org in the Phil who gives financial assistance
- contact number and address
- List of Lupus Doctors in Phil (i hope i can their info)
- Hospitals
-Other things they can do to lift the financial burden. (suggestions please.)

3. Fun for Lupies
- Fun and interesting sites
- organization who offer activities fo rlupus patients
- indoor games they can do.

4. Section for crafts of filipino lupies.
-drawings (alot of kids with lupus i met in the hospital loves to draw!)

5. Donation (not sure. coz i dont know how to manage it.. maybe after i research more about this. )

if you will ask me why i want to do this site. it is simply because i want to help those patient's families struggling in the Phil. Base on our experience.. if i found a site lik ethis the time my sissy is diagnose.. surely it is easier for us to cope back then.

Now my problem is.. about the website logo. what do you think i will use? a butterfly like what we have here? if anyone is kind enough to help me to make a logo that i can put on my homepage. it will surely appreciated!

thanks for reading my post. :P