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Thread: What's with the scars?

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    Default What's with the scars?

    I understand this is an autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body, including the skin.

    But I have gotten like over a dozen paper cuts(you would think I sliced an artery by how some bleed) and they take weeks to heal and end up forming slight scars.

    My legs look like my husband secretly punches them at night while I sleep---tons of bruises (have been ther for over 3 weeks). I buy those scar diminishing creams to minimize looking like I lost a knife fight

    What else should I try? I have a petroleum jelly based lotion for excessively dry skin. The lips are always cracked the balms aren't helping and I just had a 3rd nose grow (big gross scabby thing :shock: ) a few weeks ago..I used cold sore creams on it and it eventually got smaller although its still there.

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    Hugs to ya Spanglish

    I used to get alot of coldsores. Not so much any more...Yah! Not sure why.

    I do get sors in my mouth and in my nose. They are lupus related. I found a product called fletcher's liquid sore mouth medicine, it works wonders on the nose sores, it works for the mouth sores as well but I have to put a paste over it to keep it from washing away with my saliva.

    Two years ago, I started coming up with this horrible sores on my face. At first I thought they were boils, or really really bad blind pimples.

    My whole face would hurt with just one of them. Finally I asked my doctor if it could be Rosacea. She gave me a cream to try and wow it worked.

    Now when I see a little tiny spot starting ... I know what it is and I put the cream on right away...keeps it under control and clears it up quickly.

    If you are that sore, ask your doctor if it could be rosacea.

    Hope this helps.
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    hi spainlishqueen,

    Slow healing sores, and unexplainable bruises, are experienced by many of us with lupus. Mouth and nose sores are just so hard to deal with. Hope you find something that helps you feel better.

    share a smile today,

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