Thanks Saysusie,

For the benefit of the readers, I can say that urine is extremely effective for releaving itch! Even if it's only on my skin for less than a minute before a shower.

When I originally heard of urine therapy (drinking it), the person bringing it up brought up the gag response and claimed mixing with orange juice helped. I'm also sure eating a lot of fruits will help as well.

A friend asked me if I pee'd in the shower, I said "yeah". He said "good" because it kills athletes foot (fungus). Many people itch horribly due to unseen fungus. Dandruff is caused by fungus. Swollen stomaches can be an indicator of candida infestation (fungus). If you've ever been on antibiotics, you probably have a candida issue. Acidophilus, Bifidus, and LIVE or homemade yogurt may help as well to recreate a healthy digestive system.

Anyway, I would much rather pea on myself in the shower than expose myself to toxic chemicals. I'd also rather try urine next time I get a sore throat than suffer the dammage of antibiotics again.

Some people may think it's urine that causes diaper rash. Well, in another culture, babies are wrapped up for the day. The difference is; our diapers whisk away urine, but don't remove poop. I believe that the urine protects the wrapped up babies from the rash they may otherwise get. Diaper rash may yet be another fungal issue.

Hope this all helps at least one person.