hi. my name is sonya and i'm 20. i found out i had lupus after three visits to the ER in may of 2004. i feel like i have a million symptoms and it gets really frustrating to try and live a normal life. none of my friends have lupus but by me having it they all suffer from it in some way i suppose. my father found out he had lupus when i was just 2 years old. i feel like he doesn't even understand it as much as i do at this point. he has a little rash/balding spot on his head. that is his only symptom. i have the butterfly rash, lace rashes on my arms, ulcers, TERRIBLE pain in my joints, occasional thyroid inflamations. i'm always sick it seems, i get fevers, i'm so tired all the time and is it just me or am i getting really fat?! i have put on 30 pounds since i found out and i can't fit in my jeans anymore. i walk with a cane now, which isn't the coolest thing especially when you're my age. my friend sara linked me to this site. i think it will help me cope a bit more just to talk to other people that know what i'm going through. well i hope that wasn't too complainie. nice to be here, sonya!