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    hi everyone this is kim l from australia back from holiday was not good tried to relax but got stomach upset. then headaches felt tired and weary whole time was hard to relax hit depression at one stage my 13 year old found it hard because mum couldn,t do the activities she wanted me too became very frustrated with me this disease affects her in so many ways it breaks my heart sometimes to watch her she goes to school and instead of playing goes to the library and researches the disease and ways to help me it is so unfair my husband is a godsend even though i am his carer he tries so much to help i am very lucky to have him.ell enough about me i hope eveyone is having good day and had good christmas. the prednisone is making me bruise easily have black bruises all over my body just from bumping myself is this normal. well bye for now. and live for today because thats all we have.

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    hi kim,l

    So sorry to hear your vacation was so frustrating. It's such a disappointment to have this disease keep us from relaxing and having fun. And it's especially hard on our children, no matter what their age. They just want Mom to be able to do things with them and have fun, and likely, they don't understand exactly what we feel like. Or how much we hurt.

    Your daughter sounds like she loves you very much and wants to help you by understanding your disease more. And it sounds like you just want her to be a happy, healthy 13 year old without the worries. You are so lucky to have a loving daughter and husband to support you through this. Be sure to give them a hug today and tell them thank you!

    I've had Lupus for 27 years, diagnosed in my teens. Yes, easy bruising with or without hurting or bumping yourself, is very normal for Lupus. Just another one of those frustrating things that goes along with this disease.

    Hope this is of some help and I hope today is a better day for you.



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