Hey Toby

i love your name, ive always liked the name toby i wanted to call my dog toby but mum wouldnt let me cause she was a bitch lol,

anyway im sorry to hear about your financial situation, its a pian in the neck with the country in ressesion too :twisted:

So ive applied for ESA employment and support allowence i hope i get approved but i wont be disheartned if i dont coz i know it takes a long time to process, there is 2 catorgories in this process one is where you are fit for work and they help you with getting you back etc, and the other one is npot fit for work at this point, im hoping i fall into that catogory for now, they ask alot of questions over the phone for this then send you out a wish list for info they need, im getting mine sorted on monday then sending it out,

i would advise you to try this, its changed names from incapicity benefit to ESA and everything goes via jobcentre plus now, have a look on their web page for more info, i was working full time then went sick for 4 months went back part time and financially could afford to be at work!

hope you get summin sorted soon Toby