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Thread: New pain site.

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    Hugs Lori

    My sister is 1 1/2 yrs older than me. We were the same way growing up as you and your sister.

    We always shared a room and sometimes shared a bed :lol: depending on the financial situation of the family at the time.

    She used to put oranges in my bed. She knew I was allergic to them and would break out in a horrible rash and not be able to tag along with her and her "boyfriend" :P

    You know the usually bratty sister stuff. Course I was a perfect angel and never did anything bad to her :lilangel:
    Oh look ... a cookie

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    Hi SITC

    We definitely have some things in common......

    My sister and I also shared a room, and we had to share a bed all the way until high school. I remember we were soooooo embarassed and didn't want anyone to find out. Ours was also because of financial reasons (small house). I also vividly remember the day my parents bought us twin beds with all the trimmings. We were on cloud nine that day. Guess Dad must have got a raise or something.... :lol:

    My sister and I had some whopper fights over her wearing my clothes without asking, and I remember buying a big chain and padlock and locking my closet door shut. When you look back, it's hilarious now, but then we made each other miserable.

    My sister moved out and got her own apartment the day she turned 18, and I was absolutely thrilled to finally have my own room (with 2 closets, cuz now I had hers).

    When I was diagnosed with Lupus a year later and was extremely sick in the hospital going through a 'Steroid Psychosis', my sister was there every day. She was working as a Legal Secretary, and she would take a long lunch and come to the hopsital (I was in there for a month). She would bring me milkshakes and sweet smelling hand lotions, and fashion magazines, and most importantly, her Strength and Love. She would come every day and tell me I was going to get better, that I must get better, cuz she needed me. "She needed me". That one blew me away. I thought she was the strong one! Turns out we both were.

    Boy, has this brought back some strong emotional feelings. :cry:

    Okay, done with the trip down memory lane.

    I believe those of us with a close, special Sister relationship are some of the luckiest in the world!

    Thanks for sharing............

    Lori :P

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